Choosing Right Graphics Card for Gaming

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Gaming cards produce the all important graphic effects that make computer games seem to pop off of the screen. Anybody who is into gaming should get the highest quality card that they can afford.

These graphics cards are easier than ever to install as all it takes is an empty PCI Express or AGP slot. AGP has been around for a long time, but it is considered “old technology”. The newer PCI Express has been gaining considerable ground and will most likely capture the largest market share. One of the main reasons is that data can be transmitted a lot faster via this method

This means a performance rating that is as much as four times as fast as a comparable AGP model. And the most startling news is that this technology hasn’t even reached its full potential yet. Most of the newer games that are being released now and in the next few years will be incorporating the newest PCI Express features.

And as an added benefit, more than one card can be installed at the same time. This is not possible with the AGP type.

Major Graphic Card Manufacturers

ATI and nVidia are the two main players when it comes to video graphics cards. They produce the very best in video card chips. The well-known Radeon series is made by ATI and GeForce is manufactured by nVidia.

Although the speed of the CPU is important, there are other PC components to consider as well. As graphics have become more complicated, 3D effects such as pixel shading, bump maps, and anisotropic filters have all added to the load on the card.

This means that a new game without the proper card installed will probably run poorly if at all. Software engineers at the graphics card companies make a valiant attempt to try and keep up with the latest in 3D rendering. This is the highest priority at Alienware PC.

The outputs have also become more advanced on the newest graphics cards. This includes the DVI which can be hooked up to a computer monitor or television and offers a better picture quality.

And a TV-Out means that the output can be sent right onto a big screen television. There are many cards now with this feature, including expensive and budget ones too. Another way a connection can be made is through an S-video connection. For older televisions, an adapter is needed to hook up to an RCA jack.


Some graphics cards also support the use of two monitors so the output can be split across separate screens. Being able to choose the right card can be a laborious process. With the great variety of choices on the market, it can be quite confusing at times. But knowing where to look can be a great help and Alienware PC is a great place to start for gamers.

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